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bet365-desktop-site,The Tooling Inspection and Analysis System, TIAS MTL 40, replaces the time-consuming and expensive manual measuring process for new and in-use tablet compression tooling with accurate and repeatable automated measuring. The inspection results are recorded electronically to enable facile reporting and historical analysis for improved forecast of tooling usage and procurement. By easily identifying out-of-specification tooling, tablet press downtime can be reduced. The TIAS MTL 40 will enable you to better manage your complete tablet compression tooling inventory.

Dust Cup Puncher: Reduces press set-up time and ensures precise fit of dust cups

india-super-league-soccerway,The unique manual dust cup punching machine simplifies the installation of dust cups on your tablet press. Typically located in the tooling room, it allows punching dust cups off-line for faster press set-up and increased operator safety.

reserver-terrain-tennis-montreal,The dust cups are punched upside down and accurately in the center for an improved fit. The punched inserts are collected in a container mounted to the puncher which eliminates lost punch tips.

Benefits Tooling Inspection and Analysis System:,betfred-racing-results-yesterday

  • Unparalleled productivity with one-touch automatic measurement using state-of-the-art tip alignment technology
  • Increase flexibility with capability of measuring B&D size single and multi-tip punches
  • Greater accuracy by referencing punch barrel for precise alignment
  • Improved performance using linear motors and precision guides
  • Configurable 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software to improve quality, compliance and efficiency

Benefits Dust Cup Puncher:,norway-soccer-analysis

  • Accurate, repeated punching of dust cups
  • Improved fit of the dust cups
  • Faster press set-up
  • Increased safety by isolating the operator