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expected goals | What is expected goals?

To predict the score of a soccer match successfully, bettors need two things; information and a model.

Expected Goals Philosophy book review | The benefits of using ...

James Tippett looks at the world of expected goals and its growing influence on soccer in The Expected Goals Philosophy.

Expected goals: What is the controversial stat and why is it useful ...

Expected goals, a newly popular advanced metric, has come under fire from some pundits but how does it work and what is it really useful for?

Expected goals model analysis | What is expected goals?

The expected goals metric has become increasingly popular in all aspects of soccer.

Expected Goals Data for the Top 6 leagues : SoccerBetting

For those that don't know what Expected Goals (xG) are, Expected Goals (xG) is a measure of chance quality; > Shot-based expected goals are an ...

Soccer Analysis

The incredibly awesome new addition will be Expected Goals 2.0---for both teams and players---based on our new formula.

Expected Goals and ...

Also, every bit of data in this post comes to you courtesy of AmericanSoccerAnalysis.com (@analysisevolved on twitter)

Soccer: Using Expected Goals to Find Value | The ...

Check out Brad Cunningham's story about how to use expected goals to learn how to bet on soccer for the Bundesliga's return on Saturday, May 16.

Expected Goals Statistic Is Revolutionizing The Game

Data-Driven Analysis Is Changing The Way We See Football.